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I have multiple call groups, and they go to some overlapping people. I would like the phone to show which extension was dialed to the call recipient when the call comes in from a call group, so they know how they were reached.

I know this can be done for extensions, under Call Handling > Incoming Call information but I do not see a way to do this for this for a call queue.
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It is in the same location.  there is an option for call Queues and one for no call queue calls

Look at all the options in that section.

Certified Ring Central Installer
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The only thing I see that resembles that is to enable the "Play announcement before connecting" for call queues.  And then I would need to do this for every member of the call group.

I was looking for a way to set it on the call queue itself, to add its own extension to incoming caller ID. Is there no way to do that?
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This does not seem to be working to my soft-phone. Any reason it should not work on a smart/soft phone?
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Did you ever figure this out?
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This issue is likely due to a setting in the Incoming Call Information. If you look at your user settings and go to "Call Handling & Forwarding" and click "Incoming Call Information" near the bottom, you can select which calls that come to you through a queue get announced. By default it only plays announcements if it connects to a non-RingCentral phone only, meaning your cell phone number or other number not in RingCentral's network, it will not announce if you answer the call on the RingCentral smartphone app because you are using your RingCentral number. If you select "Always" then any time you get a call from a queue you will get an announcement even if you answer from your smartphone app.
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We are not referring to the announcement. THe announcement only works AFTER you pick up the phone. We are referring to a VISUAL queue name display on the phone display BEFORE you pick up the receiver.
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Sorry, yes I am referring to Aaron's comment about "Play announcement before connecting" not working on the softphone as opposed to the main idea post he has at the top.
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it would be nice to see BOTH the inbound callgroup AND the callerid.  My avaya system and 3cx both did this GROUPNAME:CALLERID or something similar.
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I came across the same issue when evaluating RC. There is no way to do it at this time. There is also a bug where that setting to PLAY ANNOUNCMENT is not honored when the call is answered from the softphone or mobile client. I think a defect was opened for it. Also, any prepending/appending of digits to the caller ID is also not honored on calls sent to mobile client. Frustrating... Aaron - this was my biggest issue with deciding to get RC. I need to know what number the user dialed BEFORE i pickup the phone. It won't do this for queue calls.
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I have the same issue,  Note that the old  Softphone had that feature. It displayed the extension or group that it was dialed by the caller, the new application do not do it, neither do the phones themselves or the mobile app.   I am still using it for that reason, but then the SMS is not available on that version.

I called support today and I was told to put a feature request.

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This has been a HUGE frustration to me that they removed the feature.   I USED to be able to add the selected extension to the called number so if a customer pressed 1 for sale or 2 for technical support the called number came in as 888-xxx-xx931 or 932.  This allowed me to set different ring tones on my phone so I and the others in my group would know if it was a sales or support call.   RC removed that feature and the solution and added the ability to show the calling number with an extension which is USELESS.   I've complained about this with them for 2 years.   Glad to see that other people are with me seeing the problem.  The other issue is YES - we used to be able to see what extension was called on the soft phone, but again, they removed that VERY USEFUL feature.    Frankly, I'm very fed up with RC and at my earliest opportunity will start looking for another company to provide our service.
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I agree with Jorge's comments.   The legacy Windows desktop app would show the group extension on the display so I could see what department the caller had requested.  The new app is missing this IMPORTANT feature.  I also had my customer install the legacy app but it is missing the Favorites screen that allows them to see which coworkers are on the phone.

Please display the Group/Dept Name or Extension when showing the CallerID

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I changed this to an "Idea" topic to get reviewed by our product team.
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This would be useful for us since cascading groups isn't available yet.  

Since we can't have a primary and secondary ring group to progress through then a good backup option would be to indicate which call group the call is originating from so that the secondary group can let it ring a couple times before answering.

This call group indicator, whether it is a number or text, would also help let the user know which greeting to use when picking up.
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I had service with another company that gave the Ring Group or Queue name rather than just the queue number on an incoming call. I came to RC because of the problems I had with that particular company, and have been very happy. Not having the ability to see the queue name (like on Windows softphone) or have it announced (like on the desktop phone) on the mobile app hampers my work. I have found a cumbersome work around, but it's a pain. I know from the mobile app of the other company the feature is possible. Please consider.
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I believe this is a SERIOUS drawback to using Ring Central. Why would Ring Central allow its customers to setup queues/groups/extensions (ie. sales, support) and not let them know which queue the incoming call is coming from. Very strange indeed. Other VOIP providers I have spoken with say they can display the queue that the call is coming from on the IP phone's LCD display - it's just a matter of provisioning. RingCentral needs to act on this short-coming very soon.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Incoming Call information and Call Queue announcement for mobile application.

this feature will help out to differentiate if call is coming in from a specific call queue 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Distinguishing between a call queue call and a direct call to your extension?.

Is there a way to distinguish between an incoming call that comes through a call queue versus one that comes straight to my extension? When I am out of the office, calls from our main call queue still come to my cell, and I like to answer them if no one in the office can grab it in the first few rings. But I would like to be able to tell if a call is coming to the queue or straight to my extension so I know to answer it quickly. 

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue: Incoming Call Information -> Called Number.


One of my clients have direct toll-free numbers assigned to a queue. However, the members inside the queue should show the number the callers dialed so they know how to address the call upon picking it up.

We can't use an extension since we want the calls to distribute the calls evenly like how the Call Queue works. An extension only offers sequential or simultaneous ringing behavior.

Is there an on-going feature request for this or is there any possible workaround?

Thank you so much for any response!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue incoming Call information.

Having the feature to see on the phone itself on which Call Queue the call came in from. So that we'll know before answering the call. 
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This is such a basic function. Has someone given an explanation why this works for the desktop application and not the IP phone sets? This question basically arises on all my installs of the ringcentral system.
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Hello - has there been any movement with this request?  It looks like it was originally posted 3 years ago.  It seems like it would be a pretty basic function of the platform (our old system (that hand older tech than RC) was able to do this without issue).
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As far as I know, there has not.  I am still using the audible announcement to know which call queue is ringing my phone..
Picking up the phone wastes so much time.  Sometimes you need to know before picking up the phone; prioritizing is part of a business. 
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I have voted for this as well.
We have several call queues that have their "core" people. We recently added one person to all of those queues, so he can take calls for all locations. If we want him to work on only Location A today and only Location B tomorrow, someone has to go in and manually remove/add him to the queues as necessary.

It would be nice if there was a way to log in and out of the queues on the fly, perhaps by dialing #*<queue ext#># or something like that to toggle it on and off. You would have to be a member of the queue for it to work, so "outsiders" couldn't just log into the queue.

It would also be very nice for the manager to just pull up the Member Availability and set members queue status from there. But I think that's a separate feature request.
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Just checking in to see if this feature has been readded yet.  I would be very helpful to know what extension the caller pressed so that the receptionist on the other end can know what kind of call is coming in before/as they are answering the call.
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Currently we do not have an ETA on if/when this feature may be available. 

Everyone, I highly encourage you to continue to vote & provide examples of why this feature is important to you. 
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I cannot stress how important of a feature it is for who this system is built for.  Its incredibly frustrating because I know the data for it is already been transferred with the call (shows in the desktop application). How old is this request... far too old. I did not need the graphic UI update to the online voicemanager that happened.  I need real features that will improve my clients efficiency. 

Brad, I cannot agree more! Time for RingCentral to start listening.  
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Brad Coupland

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Can we PLEASE get this implemented.  It exists in the desktop application, yet not on the phones. It doesn't make sense. How is a small/med business with any kind of call group supposed to manage calls efficiently without this. I would say the target demographic of this product doesn't have a separate person for every single call group, and it is imperative they know what choice the customer has made.  
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I have every user running desktop or the phone app, such a horrible solution. Having it display on the desk phone along with caller id I would assume would be so easy to implement.  Seems like RingCentral is not that concerned with requests from existing clients.
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We recently migrated our 250 corporate users to Ring Central and we were not aware that this wasn’t a standard feature for the call queues. It is really problematic for us, and our users don’t all like having the desktop app popping up on their computer. Ring Central Product Management needs to add this feature to their road map, fast!
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If this idea hasn't been implemented yet, it would be a welcomed addition, I'm currently in the process of switching a client of mine who has multiple offices onto RC, I'm currently not using call queues but when they end up with 4 or 5 offices under the RC roof and calls end up rolling to the corporate office, it would be nice for them to know where the call came from with out having to badger the caller for info or have to ask for it at the start of a conversation.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Show call queue name for incoming calls on Android and iPhone.

We have two call queues - one for very important calls and the other for less important calls.
When a call comes in we need to know which queue it is. The queue name shows in Windows/Mac desktop app. But it does not show in the Android or iPhone apps - this is VERY frustrating.
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This is indeed a very important feature and I have the same requirement to display on incoming calls the call queue name. 
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This is indeed a very important feature and I have the same requirement to display, on incoming calls ,the call queue name in order for the agent to know where the call comes from
I am a RingCentral reseller and without question, this feature is needed.  Having installed RingCentral at a very busy medical practice with many extensions and groups. By not knowing the extension or group whose calling is a major drawback.  The practice left Avaya which had this feature; now all the users in the practice are upset.  Knowing who is calling before picking up the phone helps.  Hearing the call announce is pointless, you already wasted the time to pick up the call. RingCentral please add this feature ASAP before you lose customers. Granted RingCentral is a far better solution then on premises, but this is a very basic request.   By reading this thread it seems to have fallen on deaf ears; s this dates back to over 4 years ago. 

Again RingCentral, please listen to the users and resellers.