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We are a US account using RingCentral for our newly established sales office.  We currently have 4 primary users.  I'd like to see flexibility in the personal contacts area.  Right now there are five default column headings:  First Name, Last Name, Home Number, Business Number, Fax Number and Email.  There are many times when we don't have a specific contact (First Name, Last Name), but we know the name of the organization.  It would be helpful to have a column labeled "Company."  Right now we are entering the company name in the "First Name" field when we don't have a specific person identified within an organization.  This is not optimal but gets us by.  There are also times when it is easier to remember the name of the company rather than a select individual, so it would be helpful to review "company" at a glance.  I called Ring Central help desk and was told that the fields are not changeable due to the format required for mass contact uploads.  I've used other programs where you can add and move columns, so I believe this is just something that needs to be implemented. Thank you for your consideration.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I agree.

Another potential reason for having a 'company' field is that when companies make external calls they very often only present the one number, no matter who in the calling organisation places the call. I know we do this.

Not having a 'company' number means that if you have loaded your personal numbers for various contacts in order to show a name in the 'caller ID' display on your handset / app then when they call you their number will not be recognised and name shown in the caller ID. 

If you did have a company number stored then at least when you get a call from such a company you would see the caller ID 'Acme Ltd' rather than 'Joe Bloggs'.
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I agree. The real issue is not "Company" - although it is the specific issue Ms Friedman raises - the real issue is being able to customize the columns for the different needs of each user.

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We agree and would like this feature! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Customize Columns in Personal Contacts List.

In my Personal Contacts list, there are headings/columns I don't need (such as Fax Number; almost nobody I communicate with uses fax anymore) but lacks headings/columns I DO need (such as Mobile; who doesn't have a cell phone these days??). Even the Home Number column is not very helpful because so many people now use their cell phone in place of a landline.

I'd like the ability to select and de-select which columns appear in my list AND, even better, be able to arrange the order in which the columns appear. For example, I would put Mobile first (i.e., farthest to the left) and Home Number last (farthest to the right). I would de-select Fax Number so it doesn't appear in the list and take up valuable screen space. Other customers might choose to customize their list differently.

My account is a VoIP phone for a U.S.-based very small business. Being able to customize the Contacts list would make the list more user-friendly and valuable, which means I would use it more often; now I rarely use the Contacts list because it is too frustrating and time-consuming to find people that way.

If RingCentral adopts this suggestion, each RingCentral customer will be able to customize their Contacts list to best suit their needs, thereby enhancing the value and utility of RingCentral in general and their Contacts list, in particular, to the customer.