Custom Confidentiality Statement Field for Fax Cover Page {Confidentiality Statement}

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3. Fax custom cover page to include {Confidentiality Statement} field. 

When a custom fax cover page is created that includes the field "{Confidentiality Statement}", the field {Confidentiality Statement} would automatically be replaced with a custom confidentiality statement that is set in the user/sender account details. 

This implementation would require a new *optional* field in the user/sender section for the FAX setup. This field could be turned on/off with a toggle such as the current Ring Central HIPAA compliance fax storage option. When this field is toggled to "on", it would then include a "Confidentiality Statement" text box on the user/sender setup page. This text box would be used to establish industry specific confidentiality notices that could be appended to a custom fax cover sheet by using the custom field {Confidentiality Statement}.  

The {Confidentiality Statement} field would be propagated on the fax cover page by reference to the "Confidentiality Statement" text box within the user/sender settings page. 

4. We would send a confidential fax, and be able to easily update/modify the required confidentiality statement on the cover page as regulations and requirements of industry change. We would no longer need to re-format, and re-upload a new version of our custom cover page.  

5. {Confidentiality Statement} field and "Confidentiality Statement" text box, would allow easy updates to required confidentiality statements to meet industry guidelines increasing user satisfaction. This feature would eliminate the need for multiple uploads of varied confidential fax cover pages to the RingCentral system reducing system storage burden. RingCentral would be able to create a universal "Confidential FAX" cover sheet for use by all customers, and that universal cover sheet would be adaptable to individual industry needs and requirements thanks to the ability of the user to modify the actual confidentiality statement in their user/sender settings page; this adaptability and usability would encourage greater customer use of the default Confidential FAX cover page, and reduce the number of custom fax cover pages uploaded to RingCentral's system for storage while replacing those files with a small overhead text box data set. 

==> Reduced Customer Burden and Frustration ==> Increased Customer Satisfaction ==> Increased Business.

==> Decreased Data Storage Requirements ==> Decreased Overhead ==> Increased Profit. 

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