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I have a US account, and use the desktop app.  I am a broker and call hundreds of numbers every day.

The "global" hotkeys do not work if the hotkey is shared in another application running (ctrl E to end call) - and there is no way to change most of the ring central hotkeys.  It really makes no sense that you can customize a couple of hotkeys, but not all of them. I have spoken with customer service and there seems to be no resolution other than "complain about it here and wait for a fix".

So my Idea is to make all the hotkeys customizable, so they work while running other programs.

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Andrew Volesky

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Posted 2 years ago

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Colt Coberly

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(Copy and paste from previous response because this is a good idea)

I would like to add to this because it is a good idea... we should be able to tailor our hotkeys, especially for answer/hang up.  In a high volume call center that I'm in, efficient navigation is key, and with the only two options being Ctrl-Enter or Enter for pick up or hang up, it is not efficiency.

I would suggest Ctrl+Z for answer and Alt+X for exit... it is on the left hand side of the keyboard, unused in many applications, and with these keys we avoid having to move our hands around the keyboard or use the mouse every time we have to answer a call or hang up a call.
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Robert Greenfield

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Hi! We would also like to have an option of rather having it customized, is to turn off all hotkeys on the app.

Hotkeys that cannot be change is conflicting with other apps on our computers and having the option to turn them all off would really help.
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Colt Coberly

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I didn't even think about this because we do not use a lot of applications in our operation, but to Robert's point, to have hotkeys that are already set in stone without any regard for the potential interference for the end user's applications makes no sense.  Complete customization, including absolutely no hotkey functionality is the logical solution.
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Jeff Arens

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I only use the faxing portion of your software and have for several years.  I find the upgrades you have made to be useful and the overall product of great value. 

However, I recently updated and quickly realized that one of the hotkeys (F6) conflicts with another program in my computer.  Furthermore, because I only use the Faxing product from Ring Central, I am unable to edit the hotkey.  That makes no sense.  I have no need for the Phone product, yet I'm now penalized because I don't.  I agree with the posts here, that we need the ability to edit ALL hotkeys so we can control how your software interacts at times with other software on our computers. 

It doesn't make sense that the F6 hotkey functions in the fax software in the first place.  If it's not an option for me to even see it in my software, why would it work?  But then, if it did show up, I should be able to edit the hotkey to whatever I need it to be.  Bottom line, we need to have the ability to edit ALL hotkeys, in all the products.

Seems like this should be an easy do it for some, just do it for all of them. 

One last comment, using this as your forum to report issues and leaving us, the user, "hoping" someone reads it, understands what we are saying and takes it to heart is not a good system.  You need some form of letting us know our voice is being heard and understood. 

I appreciate that not every idea can be implemented, but at least give is an idea that you care.

Thanks again for a great product...I hope it gets even better soon. 
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Hi Jeff,  Thanks for posting your request here on the Community.  I just wanted to let you know that even though your product team does not have time to respond to all feature requests, that they do follow all the threads and I send them regular reports as well. So, they are very much in touch with what customers are requesting. 

Unfortunately as you can imagine we receive hundreds of request every year, and there is a rather complicated planning and prioritization process which must take place. But, rest assured your voice is being heard. Thanks!

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Tiana Storey

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Hi Mike,

My company recently began it's roll out and we are seeing the same issues.  Is this on the radar to be addressed?  If so, any idea when this might happen?
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Sorry, there is nothing on the road-map as far as I know, so the best thing is for anyone interested to keep voting on this thread.


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I am encountering the same issues as others, customizable hotkeys, especially for ending a call would be so beneficial.
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Jason Borden

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I'm a developer and I'm finding that the global hotkeys are interfering with my other tools.  I do not need global hotkeys at all, and I can imagine it's overkill for anyone not in a call center.  Can we please have a way to disable this?  I consider this a bug, as it's a pretty egregious thing to set a dozen hotkeys that activate when I'm not even focusing on the app that interfere with my work.
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Carrie Ann Kroft

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I also would like to put in a request to have the ability to disable the hotkeys.  It's starting to interfere with the reps ability to work in other applications.
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Wayne Tang

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Same here, some hot keys interfere and prevent me from using the function keys in other apps.  Please allow option to disable or to at least customize the hot keys.  Thank you.
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David Rosenberry

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RINCENTRAL!! Please address this issue! 
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Echoing above  - all hotkeys - including the star commands should be easily disabled so people can use other applications.  This is a bug and not a long-term fix - crazy to assume all of these hot keys should be used only by your application.