Mobile App: Display "called number" plus ext from call queue + accept voice response to "press 1 to accept"

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Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT):  US

A brief description of the business:  Virtual office.  5 employees.  All use mobile phones to answer customer calls.  Often times out of the office and driving.   

A high level description of the product or feature being requested:  Allow called number plus extension with call queues.   Also allow voice prompts to be able to answer calls hands free.

A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature:
We have three call queue extensions defined - x1 Sales, x2 Support, x3 Urgent.   Each of us has their own extension as well - x101 to x105.   We need to be able to identify an incoming call by RING TONE.   This USED to be possible when forwarding calls from RC by setting the system to display the CALLED NUMBER plus Extension.  This is apparently a feature you are bringing back BUT IT DOES NOT WORK WITH CALL QUEUES.   When a call is placed to a call queue the displayed number is the called number plus the RINGING EXTENSION, NOT THE CALLED EXTENSION.   This defeats the whole purpose of being able to display the called number plus extension.

Example.  Extensions X101-104 are all part of the call queue for sales (x1) and support (x2).  Call comes into the main number and the customer presses x2.   All four extensions x101-x104 ring at the same time but the number displayed on each phone is 101 or 102, etc.  NOT 2, completely defeating the purpose of the called number plus extension.

In addition, we need to be able to answer the phone HANDS FREE and accept the call HANDS FREE.   IF the called number plus extension worked correctly then when I get a call driving down the road at 65mph with my bluetooth headset in my ear, I could tell if the call was to sales, support or urgent (or my direct extension).   I could  then decide to answer the call.   Right now I can tell my bluetooth to ANSWER the call.  What I get is a voice prompt that says "Call from ... Sales... Press one to answer..."   So now, driving down the road at 65mph I have to pull my phone off my hip, look down, swipe to unlock, then press 1,  CRAP!  I just hit the car in front of me (or got a ticket for distracted driving, or worse...   Let me tell RC "ONE!" to answer or something like that.   If I could whistle in dual tones that would probably work but I can't, at least not reliably.

Benefit of such feature:   I don't die, crash my car or get a ticket trying to use Ring Central to answer customer calls.

Include any related case number if applicable:  I'm sure this has been brought up before.  I don't have a case number.
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I have an Idea for you to try.  I have been able to identify calls calling different Ext by setting the Incoming caller id to add the Ext number ether before the caller id or after the caller d number. you can make this change in the user settings under Users, call forwarding, incoming caller id information. You say you are using your cell phones to take the calls so this will work also for setting the Ring tones for the calls on your own cell phone. you can add the ext number as a contact in your phone and set a tone to it. 

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