Exponential Ringing - A cross between simultaneous and sequential

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I would love for a ring option where it will start ringing one phone and then after a couple rings add in another phone without dropping the first.

On our general line I have it set up to only ring the cubicle phones initially and then move to the office phones if none of the lower ranking individuals are available.  I do not want to make the the person calling wait 45+ seconds to have their call answered but I also want to give the people in the cubicles plenty of time to answer.  

Example: Jack and Jill are in their cubicles working hard on their projects when the phone rings.  Since they are both engrossed in their work they both assume the other will answer.  After 20 seconds the system adds the office phones and Mr. Bob's phone begins ringing.  Mr. Bob knows that Jack and Jill are in the office so he can gives them a few more seconds to answer.  Jack realizes that Jill is unavailable and answers the phone.  (Under Simultaneous Ringing Mr. Bob would have to ignore his phone for up to 30 seconds every time it rings.  Under Sequential Jack would have missed his opportunity to answer and Mr. Bob would have been forced to.)

I also have a small team in a shared office with three phones.  Often it's not that crucial who answers but sometimes you're calling for someone specific.  The ideal system would have the phone you call ring once or twice to let them know which phone is prefered but then add in the other two phones promptly so that they don't have to listen to 30 seconds of ringing when they already know no-one is at that desk.
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