Fax custom cover page field for total number of pages {Total Pages}

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3. Fax custom cover page to include {Total Pages} field.

When a custom fax cover page is created that includes the field "{Total Pages}", the field {Total Pages} would automatically be replaced with the total number of pages included in the fax including the cover page.

E.g. I send a fax that is 5 pages of information and 1 cover page. I choose my custom template that we use for confidential faxes that has a line which says "Pages Including Cover: {Total Pages}", and press send. The RC system sends the fax, and the recipient of that fax sees a line on my custom cover page that says "Pages Including Cover: 6"

The {Total Pages} field would be automatically generated by the RingCentral system by a quick count of the pages to be sent before the fax was actually sent, and would include the fax pages including a cover page.

 PLEASE NOTE: There is a similar request that is INCORRECTLY marked as "implemented". This feature has not been implemented, and there is no known way for me to include a page number on a custom fax cover page that has a HIPAA Confidentiality statement printed on it. **************************************************************************************************

4. We would send a fax of multiple pages of medical documents, and the recipient would easily be able to count the pages and quickly reference the cover page for the total number of pages that should be included in that fax.  

5. This is useful to have the body of the cover sheet clearly state the total number of pages in a fax. In the medical field, faxes are often sent through a multitude of parties before the fax reaches its final destination. If any of these parties have (a) the "print header" feature turned off, (b) a poor quality system reducing legibility of the original fax, (c) a lazy or inattentive employee, it becomes easy to have a page from one's medical file go missing and requests for services and sometimes urgently needed care become delayed. 

This is additionally useful when sending faxes to a fax number that would be receiving hundreds of pages of faxes an hour, such as a government run medical system that requires chart notes to be sent (as an example of today's fax)

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This is such an obvious idea, why hasn't it been implemented yet?