Admin: Prevent accidentally deleting number from extension.

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Additional steps needed in the delete an extension procedures/process to avoid DELETING an 800# from your account!

As we all know extensions are NOT toll free 800#'s and are often pushed around in IVR's, reassigned, used as voicemail only extensions, used to route types of calls, assigned multiple 800#'s, switched 800#'s, become no longer needed due to ending marketing campaigns, become obsolete due to unconditional forwarding from root source and/or outsourcing of a department, etc.   Therefore it scared the living day lights out of me to find out when I removed an extension that was no longer needed (we numerically code our extensions based on their use) that it ALSO deleted the 800# that it was attached to.  The only warning was "are you sure you want to delete this extension"... NOT instead of "are you sure you want to delete this extension and delete the attached 800# which will potentially reassigned that 800# to another business that is not you!"

It left no indication that I needed to reassign that 800# to an extension before deleting the extension to preserve that 800#.  Luckily I was going to use the 800# immediately for something else and discovered it missing within seconds after creating a new extension and looking for the 800# to assign it to the new extension.  I called support and they were able to grab the number back before it was assigned to another business.  However I was then told they were no longer going to give me the ability to delete extensions myself and going forward I would have to call in to do it?  So I am being punished now in my time and convenience for something that should be much better integrated in the RingCentral system.  Thanks for grabbing that number back be sounds like we need a quick update to the standard operating procedure of this particular process on the Ring Central side.

The system needs to be such that a deleted extension (not 800#) causing a box to come up saying your number has been preserved and dropped back into your pool of 800#'s in the section for unassigned numbers and/or linked back into the main IVR pool.  Followed by a similar message asking if you want to delete that number you must do so manually.  

Anyone else ever mistakenly done this?  Seems way to easy with no clear cut process to warn and no backup failsafe to secure a number that potentially has tens of thousands of marketing dollar and potential revenue poured into it.
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