Glip Admin option request: Glip status by global pc activity not just activity within glip

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medical office
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within glip it only shows your status if you're active or not active in glip. For our office, it would be better if the status was if someone was actually using that computer or not. This way i can tell if a user is at their desk or is away from their desk. Currently, i can only tell if they have used glip within the past 15 minutes which is worthless to me. 
  1. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature
To know if someone is at their desk or not from looking at their status. 
  1. Benefit of such feature
Easier communication between people in the office. This way you can tell if your message went to a person who is active on the computer or to someone who's away from their desk.
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Mike Famularo

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Posted 10 months ago

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Ted Jaffe, Official Rep

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Hi Mike! Thanks for sharing this feedback!  Computer-based presence is something we're looking into..

Would you be open to chatting more on presence directly? Would love to share our future plans for presence with you and get your feedback incorporated.

If you're interested: here's my email: 

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Christine Massone

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Our company would like to see this; all chat apps go by the PC activity not the App activity

Any idea if this will ever get implemented at RingCentral?
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Ted Jaffe, Official Rep

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Hi Christine, don't worry we aware of this ask to have computer-based presence for the desktop apps.  We are tentatively planning development for this end of year, but may not make it out till early 2019.   Just know it's on our list of priorities - but there's alot of those right now :)
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Laura Collie

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Glad to see Glip will be getting computer-based presence soon.  Very useful feature!