Glip Question: Add/Save Contact within Glip?

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When receiving a SMS text in Glip from an external contact, is there then a way to then create or name a contact in Glip so it shows the person's name instead of the full phone number?  I tried creating a contact in RingCentral, which made it correctly show the name of the contact in my softphone/RingCentral for desktop; however, in Glip it continued to show as the phone number.   In the screen shot attached you can see how it's correctly showing the contact name on my softphone but the 10 digit number in Glip.
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Natasha Parker

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jeremy Lindquist

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How is this not a feature? Seems like an obvious need. Judging by the fact there are only 12 votes to date. Either most people are not using the SMS feature through GLIP or there is a way around this that I don't know about. 

If this is truly still not a feature I am inclined to believe that this is a very infrequently used feature for most of the community. 
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Natasha Parker

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I just tested this again last week and it's still not a feature.  It seems if someone texts me from their RC number, it shows a name but otherwise it just shows their phone number still.  I think the low number of votes have more to due with a combination of how many RC customers strictly use Glip and regularly review posts in Community.  Most of our organization still uses their softphone/desktop app in combination with Glip and this isn't an issue on the desktop app.  Also, I know other companys who use RingCentral but do not use Glip at all because they continue to use Slack or Skype so they too only use the desktop app or turn off SMS.  
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Dakota Meller

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Your post describes exactly what our company needs. 
Have you found a platform that allows for outside SMS communication? 
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Being able to manage phone contacts is THE most basic feature of any phone system. No one is using Glip right now because of a complete lack of contact management.
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Sarah Amin

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I have 4 clients who regularly text me - keeping their numbers straight is a nightmare. This feature needs to be added!
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Bryan Hoff

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Sarah, I and MANY OTHERS agree!! That is a commonly requested feature so I'm not sure why they haven't added the feature.   If I had to guess, it's because they want people to get invited to use "Glip" and purchase this program that don't currently use RingCentral.   Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense why this can't be done.
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Andy Baumruk

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We have been using Slack and now that we moved to RC a few months ago, we had hoped to switch to Glip. We have not migrated because of the lack of so many features (HUD, Contacts, Texts showing up as "People" with no name).  Until they get these basic features included, this app is pretty much worhless IMO.   

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Megan C.

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We need this desperately!! I agree with what others have posted - this seems like a very basic feature that was overlooked.
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Mark Bartoszek

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Merging contacts between Phone and Glip apps.

Our customer service team has been using the Phone app pretty regularly to text our customers. They've been adding them in the contact directory to keep track. Going forward, they will also be using Glip for the team features. However, what they've noticed is that the customers they've texted before show up under the People section in Glip, but only their phone numbers, not their names. Why doesn't Glip pull the corresponding names from the Phone app? Or am I missing something?
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Lisa Nestor

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Please - make contact names visible in GLIP.  
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Denis Cowley

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Natasha. Did you ever find an alternate to Glip that would do this? I'm willing to pay for the features I want, but Ringcentral seems to be not much into having products a buyer wants to purchase. I wonder why I can't pay for a modification to do this? Hope you reply and can direct me to a platform that allows this as we do have a need.

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Jonathan Martin

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Just for the RC record, I agree. It's ridiculous that you can't edit a contact to include the name. Looks like this has been a feature request for over a year. This is something that our company needs to communicate and work efficiently. If community requests for no brainer features are not taken seriously, we're looking elsewhere.
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Denis Cowley

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Jonathan -No one ever replies from RC... its a sea of nothingness from them. How can they be too busy to make money when they are in the business of making money off their product?...Its almost kid or teenage like in their approach to business. Hopefully upper management will take a peek in here and wake foks up. I'm ready to spend $$$$ but they won't even reply.  
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Official Response
Hey there! I followed up with the Product Team on this and it is planned :) I'll learn more about a solid ETA probably late Q2 or sometime in Q3. This is very important and part of the effort in creating app parity. 
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Stephen Beavers

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It WOULD be quite satisfying to have real answers as to why this can't be done sooner.  Is there a list of most requested feature changes?  I would think this is high on that list, but I don't know without answers.
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Denis Cowley

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Thanks Saadet. My whole company uses RC phones and then at night the RC mobile app if they are out and 'on call'. We've been 100% RC for several years and maintain virtual offices in many states...with all that said those work fantastic even when in foreign countries. Could you elaborate as to what problem they are trying to solve because all of our things work fantastic.
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Sylvia P

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It is important we can add contacts. Meaning when our clients call in we can see who is calling us. With Dial pad I was able to put first last name and their customer ID so when they called in I was able to great my preferred client and had his account pulled up. As you can see that is a priority. 
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hey Denis, we're working on creating a unified application (both for desktop and mobile) :) Instead of having the RingCentral Meetings app, the RingCentral Phone app, and the Glip (team messaging) app - we've combined all of it to a singular app which is the RingCentral app (the R logo). 

So the Product Team is working on getting all functionality from the 3 apps, into one!
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Denis Cowley

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Quien sabe [who knew]. I took the the Phone app off a year ago and installed the Glip app on my phone. It seems to work the same and I get phone calls and such like before. I thought they were unified..duh. You can take the boy out of the country but can't take the country out of the boy. Just too dazed to not know they weren't. If someone wants to call or video me, the phone Glip app was doing it all. Can't wait to see how the unified one performs. Thanks for this update. 
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Denis Cowley

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There's a big need for this. Been screaming about it for months. Offered to pay for custom programming or a monthly charge for this...nothing, nada, zilch. We are told maybe or sometime in the future, meanwhile Glip, which has huge potential, lays unused in a pinned Chrome tab, while Slack and MS Teams are lapping up the revenues.