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Hello, we are a well known realty group located in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. We manage multiple residential and commercial properties (Mainly commercial properties at this point) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. As well as provide special construction services to our clients. Not only do we deal with all of our clients on a daily bases but we are always having to contact HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Suppliers, etc. We would like to see a "Group" feature added in contacts. We believe that having a feature that allows you to group together similar contacts (e.g. grouping together all the suppliers we have, all of the tenants from one commercial business property together, all the plumbers together, etc.) would make things easier when it comes to helping our clients. For instance, say a client from a commercial property in PA calls and says that the power went out. Rather then having to search through the hundreds of contacts that we have to try to find the right electrician, it would be easier to be able to go to a group titled "Electricians In PA" where all of the electricians we use, that are located in PA, would be. Situations like that, that happen on weekly bases for us. Having a "Group" feature would allow for quicker responses and support. As well as, keeping everything as organized as it can be. We currently have five workers using the app on a day to day base. We all agree that this would be beneficial for our company and many others.
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  • confident that this would be a beneficial feature and we hope that it is a feature we see in the near future.

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