Disable the Bubble Tone when dialing out

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We need a feature where we can disable the new ringtone before connecting during outbound call. Interesting/funny ring that recently occurs when my company dials out.
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Barry Nussbaum

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Posted 5 years ago

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Me too. Sounds like an old sound effect from an old star trek episode. Awful.
Then how come we don't hear tones on outgoing calls when we call from phones that aren't RingCentral phones if it is an FCC regulation?
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Presumably all providers will be at some point implementing it at some point. However I can't find a source for the FCC regulation offhand.
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David Bidwell

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Yes I Agree I Have gone over this with them and they can not tell me why. I Use Vonage Business and Nextiva none of them use this stupid sound. so I Don't get it.
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HI David,  This is actually in the works right now. You'll soon have an option to turn this off. It will be rolled out over several weeks so I can't say when exactly it will be available you, but it is coming.

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David Bidwell

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Thank you, if you find out that they have the option to remove it please let me know where to find the setting to turn this tone off, thanks David.
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I am asking the same questions you are asking.  Soon as I get something I will share with the group.  I have over 150 customers that I am fielding question from so I would like a good answer also

Thank you

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Scott Greenough

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My employees are also complaining about the new tone.  It's not only somewhat unpleasant but it's also quite loud.  I contacted RingCentral's Technical Support and was told the  new 'feature' was put into place in response from clients that had complained about an excessive number of regular ringtones hear when placing an outbound call.  Prior to introducing the new sound RingCentral was evidently playing the more common ringtone while their system waits to connect to the recipient's phone line and place the call.  RingCentral's response to these concerns was to introduce this new tone in place of the standard ringtone.

There was no mention of any FCC regulation.  I told the rep we would like to have the' feature' disabled or, at least, allow us to turn the volume down, but neither is apparently available.  He suggested using this forum to express our opinion about the 'feature' and any enhancements to it we'd like to see.

BTW - We did receive an Email about the new 'feature' several hours after it went live.
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David Bidwell

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This Sounds More Like it and not a requirement by the FCC.
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Toby Linkugel

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How about the option that it was fine before you made this change?
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Ed Fritz

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Agreed! Can we just leave it silent? Or have the option to keep it silent if we want?
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Michael Marr

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Just stop with the new "features." Like the one where you now log me out of the website after inactivity.  Just stop.  This dial tone is just awful.  How about a single tone? Or a stutter tone?  Who thinks of these features? Who thought a loud, musical tone before placing a call would be appropriate in any place of business except for maybe a daycare?  Your competitors who want your customers to leave?
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Who are the competitors? I need to make some calls
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Chris Autry

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I also agree with your comment about the security feature. Totally pointless. I have my desktop set up to remember my login ID and password so all that happens now is that every 15 minutes RingCentral logs off and then my computer automatically logs back in. Very annoying. This didn't improve security in any way I could see. Just not well thought out.
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Sonia Singh, Official Rep

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Folks, thank you for the feedback and suggestions.  Based on all the inputs received, we will be replacing the sound with silence for now.  I do not have a specific timeline for the rollout at this moment but assure you this is being treated with the utmost urgency.  I will provide an update once the changes are made.  Thank you for your patience.
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Irritating ring tone, please get rid of it.  For now it's not happening when calling cell phones, just outside office lines.
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Rick Gatewood

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When is this supposed to happen? This comment was 3 weeks ago and the annoying tone is still there.
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Ryan Pittman

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^^^ What he said
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Hurry up and remove it!  I am being asked to switch service and I would like to stay with Ring Central.
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Rick Gatewood

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Any luck on this? My RC clients and I still have this issue. When will this "feature" be removed, slienced, or fixed?