Security concerns with file sharing through Glip?

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We are about 6 months in to our RingCentral experience and now that we're deployed and stable I am starting to look at better ways to use the tools.  I love persistent chat, I love the teams functionality and am pushing it pretty hard but one concern that comes up frequently is file sharing security.  We don't have a good external sharing solution right now (we are OneDrive users and we have external sharing off) and I am curious if anyone is using Glip to share files with external parties.  I would love to hear back from people who use Glip for this purpose and see how they have been able to handle managing it.  Maybe I am overthinking it but if I want to push this feature it's going to require me convincing our legal team it's not a major risk.

Quick background: we are an education assessment non-profit, external parties might be teachers/administrators or they could be vendors we are working with.  We utilize a secure reporting service for delivering our product, SFTP for handling PII/FERPA type materials; these would be marketing materials/training guides/who knows what else. Not legally entangling but still non-public items.

My concerns are:

  1. There is literally no reporting.  It blows my mind that there is such robust reporting for phone interactions but literally nothing for chat.  My only option is to do a compliance export and then parse it myself.  Has anyone successfully set up reporting/monitoring for Glip?  If so, have you been able to track external file sharing?
  2. Team owners might not full consider the ramifications of inviting an external party to an existing room.  This one is by all means a human problem but we're in the business of solving those too =)
  3. If someone did share inappropriate material (as in confidential, not R rated) I would like a way to know it.  That's kinda just bullet point #1 though isn't it?

Can anyone here share their experience and maybe steer us in the right direction?  At some level if you give someone a file, you've given them that file.  Doesn't matter if it's come through FTP, email (ugh) or any other platform.  Rights management might solve some of that I guess.  I just don't feel like I have my brain wrapped around this yet.

Thank you! 
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Posted 1 year ago

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I second a lot of this. I think the only thing you can actually control is the rating on gifs that people can search for.
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2018-11-16 Hi James, this is a concern about GLIP use we have had since we discovered there are not yet Enterprise level security controls available for Admin of Glip.  They have added some features like being able to turn off File Sharing altogether - but other parts of the program are not compliant with Enterprise levels of security.

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Thank you for that!