Softphone rings but not mobile app when forwarding

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Our sales department is set up with one main incoming number, which forwards and rings simultaneously to our 4 sales associates. They all have RingCentral Office accounts and the accompanying desktop soft phones and the mobile app on their cell phones. When calling the main line I can only get the desktop softphones to ring. The mobile app never rings. If the desktop softphone is closed or they are signed out, an automated message plays saying nobody is available to take the call.

Is there any way to make the mobile apps ring when a forwarded call comes in?

The forwarding was setup by going to "Call Handling & Forwarding" from the users screen for the mail incoming line and selecting ">Forward to another user's phone"

Also, I've made sure that Data (VoIP) Calling is enabled in the app. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Have you checked to make sure that the First ring:  (for Desktop apps & Smartphones) is set to ON in the Call Handling & Forwarding menu of each person's extension?

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Thanks for the reply! 

Yes, I checked and that was enabled on each person';s extension already.  Just to be safe I toggled off and on and tested again with the same results. 
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Official Response
Hello Dave,

If the mobile apps are not ringing what I would assume is happening is that you have the calls coming into a User extension that then forwards the call to all 4 Users phones. This is why the Mobile Apps are not ringing. The call is being forwarded to their direct devices through the forward. It does not follow the extension rules so the mobile app is not engaged in the call as it is only going to go directly to the softphone. The mobile app is not available as a forwarding option in a Users Call Handling and Forwarding.

You can resolve this by creating a Call Queue under the Groups and Others tab on the left-hand side of Phone System. Create the call queue with your desired settings for hold time and ring length. Add the 4 Users who are supposed to take the calls and direct the calls to the call queue by moving the dialed number to the call queue.

Call queues call out to the extension and follow the extensions rules which will ensure that the mobile app rings on incoming calls.

Hope this helps.

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You're correct, that's exactly how I had it setup.  I switched over to a call queue and it is working essentially as it did before but with the mobile apps ringing as well! Perfect! 

Thanks for your help Nathan! 
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I'm having a similar issue as the previous user & have created a call queue, except I am lost when you say to moving the dialed number to the call queue.  
can you help?
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Hi Stephanie,

Nate is referring to having a phone number attached to the Call Queue. You can do this a few ways.

1) You can purchase a new direct number for the Call Queue by going to the Queue itself -> Direct Numbers -> Add Direct Number

2) You could assign a phone number that is under Company Numbers to that Queue -> Phone Numbers -> Company section -> Assign to Ext. -> Choose the Call Queue Extension -> Save

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Forwarding Calls from one extension to another extension working only on desktop ....

I have one main number (its ext 102) my assistant answers calls using a mobile app on her iPhone since she is always on the go. 

I have 2 extra numbers (ext 107 and 108) that I created, and I want the calls received from these numbers to be forwarder to my assistant. (ext 102)

However, it does not work. 

The calls drop and go straight to voicemail if she is logged in to mobile app only. 

If she logs in to the desktop app the calls are forwarded fine only to the desktop app. 

We are using latest version of the mobile app. 

Please advise
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I see this topic was moved here, but I don't think queues are the right answer for Diyor's situation. 

Queues have no call-waiting and so are a completely different situation from call forwarding.  Once you answer a call via a queue, additional queue calls will not ring.
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Hey Rob, this was simply moved to provide a possible work around that was already posted on the Community