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I'm posting a really long, ongoing saga with Vonage for Business.  The summary is:  Ring Central was good to me, Vonage offered a lower price, and they are completely unable to deliver the services as promised.  It is a nightmare experience and I am working on getting out of the contract.

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I own a small business with approximately 15 employees.  We used Ring Central for our phone services for approximately 3 years.  We were approached by Vonage for Business in July of 2015.  I had a conference call with Jason Reis and communication with him via email.  He promised a price that was cheaper than Ring Central and had all the features that Ring Central had built in.  I signed a contract with Vonage for Business based on these promises.  In writing, he promised all the features on this page including the "premium features" - I asked him directly about this and he responded definitively in an email in the affirmative:


I signed this contract in July and I was pushed to the onboarding team to get ready for setup.  There were many delays with this, through a number of months.  Some of these delays were my own fault because of the need for multiple phone calls as well as filling out the same paperwork many times.  I was getting frustrated at the disorganization of everyone involved so I did drag my feet a bit.  I sent all phone data via email, filled it out in a control panel, and also hand wrote the same information on paper many times.  I took a few calls to answer the same questions as well.  It was disorganized and unpleasant.

In November, as we got closer to going live, I asked Jason for a specific functionality - to have all phones ring at once instead of in a rotation.  He advised me that I would need a call center feature enabled to have this functionality.  I asked for a quote on this feature and instead of a quote, he sent over an invoice.  Within 20 minutes of receiving this invoice, I emailed him to tell him I didn't want this feature and to discuss my options.  He noted he was out of town and I never heard from him again.  From then on, I kept on getting invoices (without having any services instated yet) and sent emails disputing these invoices every time.

I sent multiple requests to everyone involved that I didn't want the call center feature.  I responded to every "past due" invoice to tell people I didn't have services yet and didn't agree to this.  While waiting for these adjustments, I was also waiting for 2 free phones to come in to prepare for onboarding.

I was told phones were sent in January.  I didn't get them until mid-March.  I only asked for 2 phones but received 8 - another testament to the disorganization of the company.  I sent over porting documents and we scheduled onboarding for mid-April.

In mid-April there was a call to get onboarded but we quickly discovered that none of our company numbers were ported so it got pushed back.

Onboarding was scheduled again for 05/04/2016 and that's when everything really went wrong.

On April 30th, our 2 main company numbers were pre-emptively ported away from us before the go live date.

I sent an email requesting to cancel all services and onboarding.  The disorganization was causing us to have no phone service for many days and I wanted out.  I spoke with Kristi Poehls for a couple weeks and she assured me that she would fix all billing issues, get a different person on my case, and onboarding would go smoothly the next time.  I was not happy about this but trusted her and decided to give this one more chance.

We scheduled onboarding for 05/26/16.  A 1-2 hour process took all day to even get the phones up and running in the most basic way.  As of today, here are all the ongoing issues:

Basic promised features are not working:
Busy lamp field
Call park
Text messaging

Premium features not working:
Call monitoring
Call recording

All of these features are extremely important to our business.  I was told that the basic features aren't working because my hardware is not compatible with your system, however, the features are also not working on the hardware that you supplied to me.  I told the sales and onboarding team exactly which hardware I was using and I was not informed that there would be compatibility issues.

Regarding the premium features, I have been waiting for 2 weeks to someone to reach out from sales to get these features enabled.  No one has contacted me.  Every time I get ahold of someone, they say someone will reach out same day.  This has not happened.

I received an invoice yesterday that STILL includes call center functionality which I did not agree to.  Not only that - it's not required.  I only needed all phones to ring at once which turns out to be a feature that's built into the Hunt Group.

I am still paying Ring Central because I need text messaging capability and because I do not trust that any of these issues will be resolved in a timely manner.

This company is disorganized, incapable, and not delivering anything as promised. The only thing that occurs in a timely manner are the invoices which are completely incorrect.  I am demanding for my contract to be voided immediately and for services to be cancelled as soon as I get the phone numbers ported back to Ring Central.  I do not feel as though we should pay 1 cent for the past 12 days of services since even the most basic features of these phones are not working.

Ring Central had me up and running with all the same features in minutes instead of weeks.
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Thank you for this candid assessment of why RingCentral is tops in the VoIP communications field. I'm not a RingCental employee but I feel badly that you, or anyone for that matter, should be treated in such a manner by a business. While no person or business is perfect, it sure sounds like your sales rep did you wrong just to make a few extra dollars in commissions and the company has not been vigilant in resolving your issues. Here's hoping that you can resolve getting out of their contract and come back home to RingCentral!
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Viki P

Thank you for taking the time to post this feedback.  We certainly try to be transparent in our plans and prices.   For anyone doing a comparison you can view more details here:  RingCentral vs. Vonage Business Solutions
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We experienced difficulties with Vonage as well, though nothing quite on your level, Viki.  We managed to get everything set up, but when the time came to port, we were scheduled to port between 2-4, and would receive a call letting us know when it would begin.  Instead, the phones suddenly went live at noon, without warning.

Aside from that, we were disappointed that our one fax number could only be set up for eFax with the Super User's account.  If anybody else wanted to eFax, we had to buy more fax numbers.  This was when we first started using RC Fax.

The biggest issue was call quality/reliability, and the sever lag that occurred daily.  Vonage Support was not helpful at all with resolving these issues, and kept saying that we didn't have the right router & port settings.  However, we purchased the router they recommended, and had the settings they recommended.

So glad we switched from Vonage.  Always advise people to avoid them like the plague!