3 office locations - Each with different number

  • 23 February 2024
  • 1 reply

Hello, I Have gone in and done about 80% of the setup in the Admin portal, users, call groups, etc.... I am struggling with the setup of the MAIN numbers I will be porting in from our current company. We have 3 locations currently and each office has their own number. I want this to remain the same and not be subject to 1 main line. How do I setup one and then mirror the other two? The only changes I will have in the background would be which extensions are ringing at which location, that i understand.

1 reply

Have you set up multi-site? If not go to More > Account Settings > Multi-site settings.
Then go to Phone Systems > Phone numbers and assign your numbers to the proper site.
Then go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General settings > click on each site, and make sure the call handling & schedule are right.

If you don't have access to Multi-site, don't worry it's not really necessary for what you are trying to do. Just go to Phone System > Phone numbers and make sure the numbers are correctly assigned.