Bug found in Manage Users - Roles - [edit a custom] - under Policies.

  • 20 September 2023
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Hello to the RC programming staff...

While attempting to see if there was a role that would NOT show the 'pause' button during calls - since staff should not have the option to stop recording, I saw that there was a checkbox for Premium calling.

Since staff shouldn't be calling 900 numbers, I took the check out and scrolled down to save.

Got a call a few minutes later that staff weren't able to make local calls.

Imagine my surprise when I went back into Roles to find out that the 'Domestic' was unchecked. I quickly put it back in and saved... and everything was right in the universe once more.


Curious... I went back in (and was paying a little more attention this time) unchecked Premium and [poof] the Domestic check also was taken out.


Logically, these are two different categories. Now if I tick on Premium by itself, it locks the Domestic field - but taking out the check should not deselect the primary. Make sense?

There you go - there's the topic... have fun.

3 replies

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A bug maybe?
Let me check in with Sam!
More soon!

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Hey, @Joe Cache I talked to Sam about this and this is what he shared from engineering:

"It doesn't look like a bug to us, as the premium destinations required domestic calls to be enabled. It unchecks the domestic calls when premium destinations are unchecked and the user can select domestic calls individually. Maybe, adding an additional "review your domestic calls policies" could help there."

Happy to share further feedback if this isn't helpful, Joe.
Hit me with an email if we need to go more in-depth.

Can confirm this is not working as I would expect. The same thing also happens with International dialing.

It is normal that domestic calls gets checked whenever you enable either International dialing or Premium destinations. It is slightly weird, that domestic calls gets unchecked when you disable International/Premium.