Can not get ADMIN access on Polycon VVX601 ?

  • 30 March 2024
  • 2 replies

Have a couple Polycon VVX601 phones that I was able to login and reset the password. But not allowing me to login as as ADMIN. Goto Settings / Advanced, and only see Change User Password, and Reboot Phone; I don't see any admin features. Same with the Web Browser interface. I just de-provisioned the phones with RingCentral, is there some Ring Central password used to get to the Admin console on these phones?

2 replies

you should see in the top right corner "user login" click on it and switch to admin login.
Is this what you are asking for? or are you already at "admin login" but cannot get in?

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Most Polycoms have the initial admin set to 456 as their code, after a provisioning, RC sets it 789.  I know this is a late reply, but might still be valid.

Good luck.