Polycom Admin Password stops working after RC provisioning

  • 17 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I have used the assisted provisioning and manually provisioned my Polycom VVX 400 several times with several different phones. I've always been able to access the polycom admin menu using 456 or the password I set. I recently discovered that my password didn't work. I factory reset and then provisioned using the assisted and then manually. After provisioned my admin password whether default or reset to a custom password, neither works. What happened and why is RC locking me out of my phone??? How do I access the admin menu in my polycom phone after it's provisioned?

3 replies

Also have the same issue here, with VVX201 (Provided by ring central) and VVX500 (Third Party)

try 789!

If 789! does not work just 789 worked for us.