The yellow presence has been removed

  • 6 November 2018
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The yellow presence dot in Glip has been deactivated. I don't know when colleagues are online are offline. This is apparently due to a recent update of the Glip app. I think this is terrible as I have no idea if somebody is online or not. Can Glip be changed back to have the yellow presence dot?

18 replies

Hi Mark, thank you for your feedback. Our Product Team removed the Yellow status recently and are making way for a more enhanced Green Status. They will be making it computer-based so when someone is still at their computer but not active in Glip they will show as online. So you will then have 3 colors to mark your Presence: Red, Green, & Gray
Well - they removed it without adding the enhanced green status - what are we supposed to do in the interim?  We have no way of knowing who is online or not right now. Makes Glip much less useful.  Why not wait to remove yellow until the enhanced green is ready?  Do you have an ETA on the rollout of the enhanced green?  
Unfortunately I was not given an ETA but once I hear more about it, I'll update you!
Well that is not good news - the Product Team has significantly damaged the app.  I don't know who thought up this roll out process for the enhanced green but they certainly need to have this on their performance review for 2018 - just a terrible way to go about things.   We are going to need an ETA one the enhanced green.   
Super Disappointing - can they just turn back on the yellow until they have green enhanced ready to go.  Seems like they really messed up removing yellow but not having enhanced green ready to go.  
Hi Mark, the ETA is mid-December (barring any issues that may arise)
I'm happy to hear about presence finally being based on computer activity instead of activity within Glip.  However, I do have two follow-up questions (please direct me to documentation on this change if it exists):

1. When the enhancements are made, what color will presence show if someone's logged in but their computer is locked?  Seem strange to take away the Yellow away status even with the enhancements.

2. Will there be an option to automatically change your status to DND when you are presenting/projecting?

3. Will red signify busy or DND after the enhancements?
Can you clarify if one of the new status options will directly replace the previous amber status (ie online but inactive on glip >15 mins). Will green indicator change to just denoting the user is online or will it also be able to show active/inactive on glip?

I too don't see why this feature was removed, it was really helpful to show status of our dispersed team
we complained a lot to ringcentral about this and the engineers just ignored us - i had to move our staff to slack - lack of presence in glip now is a deal breaker for us and makes glip almost useless
Is there any more recent feedback on this.

This is becoming a big problem for our team as well.
It has been 6 months and there hasn't been an update. Why is this? This makes Glip pretty unusable - I have no idea if someone is on PTO and I'm bothering them on their day off, or if they're actively working on work just not on Glip.
Additionally, it doesn't seem to auto-turn to green once you com eback to Glip. I talk to people actively that are Grey on glip, yet there they are typing.

The presence indicator is hardly correct.

Can we get an update?
When will Glip have a useful status indicator again?
Saadet, Perhaps you could remind the product team that they neutered the status icon making it nearly unuseable for many people almost a year ago.  I realize that the updated feature set may be taking more time than anticipated but exact situation is the reason why the old working feature should not be removed before the replacement is ready.  
Yes, totally agree--this change is very negative and doesn't look like any signs of getting fixed anytime soon.  
I found this thread and, as I am testing RC now, I can tell you this is a huge problem. There needs to be a distinction for someone who is inactive (on the computer - not on Glip itself) vs. someone who is offline (PTO, etc.). 
Another feature release and nothing addressing this issue. Very disappointing.
Sorry, they can't do that at this time.

I just did a RingCentral rollout to 130 users and probably got 40 questions about why the Invisible status kept toggling for users. Most adopters were downright confused by this functionality because it seems to indicate "This person is not working" and and not just "this person isn't at their computer."

It would be really nice to have the amber "Away" status trigger after about 3-5 minutes of computer inactivity.