Unable to submit a support case

  • 24 July 2023
  • 4 replies

After I fill out the fields for a support case, I get a Something went wrong. Please reload the page or try again later error, when I try to submit.

Tried with Firefox and with Chrome. Tried 5 days ago and tried again today.

4 replies

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Hello Danial,

I will report this issue that you're experiencing. For the mean time, I can submit a ticket for you. May I know what is your main concern?

Has this issue been resolved for you and if so how was it resolved.

I've been seeing this for a few weeks. Sometimes it takes four or five tries to get the ticket submitted. I mainly use Edge, but it does the same with Chrome. Eventually....the ticket does submit.

This is still happening to me. I have had a case open for weeks looking for a resolution. I have tried with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Incognito mode, and other computers. I have pulled HAR Logs and screenshots and the issue persists. When you look in the console under Developer Tools in Chrome I'm getting this error: js-legacy.min.35199e8b2d8faa8a2a9df3ab227e7446.js:1 Case Creation - Form submission bad response - Error: /services/salesforce/user/case/create.servlet - Failed to create a new case via Salesforce API call. Error occurred during response processing.