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Unable to Send or Receive SMS? Understand Requirements and Policies

When users encounter issues when sending or receiving SMS messages it may be a result of a misunderstanding about requirements, content policies, or limitations. Read below to learn more about what to check if you’re running into challenges with SMS.

SMS Requirements

SMS/MMS Content Policy

RingCentral is dedicated to eliminating spam, phishing, and fraudulent messages. Accounts in violation of RingCentral or carrier rules and regulations may be subject to reduced deliverability of messages, additional campaign registration requirements and fees, suspension of service, or termination of service in addition to fines and other penalties passed through RingCentral by the carriers.

Learn about messaging content policies here:


Reaching SMS limitations may also block you from sending or receiving texts.

Please contact RingCentral support or reach out to our Community Team at and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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