Add "substitute caller IDs/forwarded number" via the API?

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi, I know it is possible to add Phone Numbers to the Inventory via the API but is it possible to add a Phone Number to the account as a "substitute caller IDs/forwarded number" via the API?

In Service, these are added via the "Add substitute caller IDs/forwarded numbers" link but there is a max of 20 per upload. I have several thousand to add so hoping to automate.

3 replies

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Can you help taking and posting a small screenshot of the area on the admin portal where you can upload max 20 numbers. I will try to check from the platform API when I know where exactly it is on the admin portal.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Sure.

Under Phone System -> All Numbers -> the three dots next to Add number bring up a sub-menu where you can request to Add a substitute caller ID/ forwarded number (1st image). Clicking that link sends you to the Add substitute caller ID/forwarded number form (2nd image)

The form only allows for us to upload 20 DDI's at a time, its that I want to automate...


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Thanks for the clarification.

It might be possible but you have to submit a dev support ticket with your account details so the support team can assess the requirement and help you.