Automatic Call Recording Length

  • 2 February 2023
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Hello. I have a question in regards to the way Ring Central records calls whether soft phone, app on PC and mobile app.

I was needing to listen to a call that was just over 18 minutes in length. It was an incoming call to an employee that is working remotely and using either the mobile app or the app on their computer. Not a soft phone. The nature of our work involves us having to do a conference call with 2 additional people (external). I was only able to listen to the first 2 minutes. Up until the point the employee switched lines to add an additional person to the call.

Is automatic call recording supposed to record the entire length of the call including any hold times, conferences, transfers etc?

2 replies

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This really depends on how a conference call is made and transferred (warm or blind). Also you mentioned that "with 2 additional people (external)", I cannot fully understand the scenario.

I recommend you open a support ticket where you can give further details to get better answers.

Thank you for the response. I will try your suggestion: support ticket but will also try to clarify.

I had an employee take an inbound call from a client. They had a conversation for around 2 minutes before the employee conferenced in another number to continue the call. The total length of the call was just over 18 minutes. Ring central only recorded that first 2 minutes up until she conferenced in someone else. The remaining 16 minutes of the call was not recorded due to (I assume) the employee conferencing in someone else.