Call Control permission required for webhook subscriptions?

  • 18 November 2019
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I'm building an application that needs to subscribe to webhooks for telephony events (/restapi/v1.0/account/:id/telephony/sessions). When trying to add a webhook subscription we got the following error:

"Required application permission [CallControl] is missing"

After adding that permission to our application we're able to successfully subscribe. The problem is making valid requests using the "Call Control" permission in order to pass app graduation. That's the only permission showing up in the dashboard saying we haven't made any requests using that permission:

We don't have plans to use any of the APIs using that permission. From the docs it looks like the majority of endpoints using that permission are for interacting with live calls. I thought I could use the "Make CallOut" endpoint but can't figure out how to configure a device to get a device ID to use in our sandbox account (

Any suggestions on how to proceed so we can get our app graduated?

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Manual graduation done!