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  • 20 November 2020
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We have had a call que setup for sometime with two regular users and two limited extensions so we can pickup the inbound calls in the back room. As of today the limited extensions calls are not in the call que and cannot be added. Has anyone else ran into this.

11 replies

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You'll need someone to look into your account and investigate the problem, create a support request and send to

This feature is not available.

RingCentral does have a workaround that requires forwarding and custom rules that are not available to admins.

Head to Nextiva.

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Do you mind to explain the problem in more details. We do support adding or removing call queue's members. Is that what you want to do?

What I'm trying to do is to add a limited extension user to the call queue. I had it set up this way for a long time about a month ago it stopped working. You used to have the option to add limited extension users to the call queue. Now you can only add digital line users. We have a couple limited extensions in the back of the building that we like to answer when nobody's up front.

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Sorry if I misunderstand the term "limited extension" but do you mean an extension w/o direct number nor a digital line? Please conform so I can test and check with the team.

Go to phone system, phone's and devices, and finally common area phones. Here are the limited extension users. These extension numbers cannot be added into the call queue. At one time I had them in there and then they were gone and no longer able to be selected to be put back in.

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What do you mean with this "Go to phone system, phone's and devices, and finally common area phones."

I have several extensions w/o direct number nor a digital line and I still could add them to the call queue. The only thing I haven't tested is to make actual call to the call queue to see if those extensions would receive incoming calls. The "Supervisor 1000" member is the one.


See the pic below.


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Thanks for showing it. I don't have those on my test account so I was not aware of those. Let me check with the team.

Thank you

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Well. I found the answer and it is a not supported feature for limited extension.

I found more info about a limited extension from here too

And here is one of the answer from our expert.

Limited Extensions are designed for common area use cases (e.g. break room or cafe phone). Call queue members are users, so limited extensions should not be supported with call queues. I'm not aware of any specific change to enforcement, but we don't support this use case.