Can I use sms API without .env/.cfg etc?

  • 15 July 2021
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I'm pretty new to APIs and am having a hard time applying the sms API.

Is there a way to simply save variables like RINGCENTRAL_CLIENT_ID in the actual script?



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4 replies

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Hey, @Steve Johnson We've moved this to the Developer space for more visibility!

Absolutely, using the .env or other configurations is just a great way to avoid putting sensitive information such as app credentials, username and password etc, in the code. But if you just want to test or you are sure your code is in a safe place, you can put the value directly on your code.

Thanks, so that isn't my mistake

lol there are so many errors thrown that I don't know what's wrong

for instance what am I supposed to do with '404 Client Error: Not Found for url' I've checked it and it is correct

Is there a place I can just post the 10 lines of code?