Cannot create a new sandbox after deactivation

  • 10 April 2024
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My sandbox account was idle for several months, so it appears it got deactivated. This is fine, I saw that this is expected based on the documentation. However, when I try to create a new sandbox account, I see that I am unable to and am prompted to contact an administrator. My account is already an admin account, and is what I use to login to the admin portal at So I would expect to be able to create a new account here. Any advice is much appreciated, thank you!


2 replies

Was the inactive sandbox account associated with your production account or was it a free-tier sandbox account you signed up?

The best way to get help with this is to submit a dev support ticket.

I believe that it was not associated with the production account, and was just a free-tier sandbox account. Regardless, going forward I would just like to be able to create a free-tier sandbox account. I just filed a dev support ticket.