Choosing right sdk or library for Golang

  • 8 August 2022
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Dear community,

I need to develop a server based webhook call monitoring application. Golang will be used as a progamming language. I did a research on available sdks and libraries for Golang and i like this one: although it is not mentioned as an official sdk on the Is it considered obsolete? If no, then why it is not on the sdk page? I need something well tested, reliable and simple. Or would you rater recommend to use one of the community provided SDK?




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2 replies

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That Golang SDK is not a RingCentral official supported SDK and yes, it can be considered as obsolete because it is not updated nor maintained.

You can clone/fork and use this SDK developed by an ex-RingCentral expert. If you have questions, you can create issues directly to the owner repo.

Thanks for this one, Phong!