Counting Outbound Call Answered (not voicemail) in Completed Contacts API endpoint?

  • 22 November 2023
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Hi, I'm pulling data from the /completed/contacts endpoint of the NICE reporting API and I can't find a way to see whether an outbound call (isOutbound = TRUE) was answered or not.

If I base a non-answer on when the agentSeconds = 0, I get really high answer rates (98%) I believe because agentSeconds includes time spent leaving a voicemail which I don't want to count as answered.

If I base a non-answer on when the primaryDispositionId is not null, I still get very high answer rates (98%). The only values in our data for dispositionNotes are Busy, Invalid Number, and No Answer.

Is there a way that outbound voicemails or non-answers are tracked in the /completed/contacts data that I'm missing? Do we need to reconfigure our API to begin tracking that?


0 replies

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