Develop integration/app for specific group/team

  • 29 March 2018
  • 1 reply


I'm planning to implement an integration/app to subscribe on posts events, and allow different accounts/companies to use this integration/app.

Is it possible to set the app to be integrated for specific team/group? Or I need to use Glip API for groups to allow the user to select specific team -in my app page- to manage and filter the events for specific group?

I could see that some of the existing integrations, allow the user to select specific team to install the integration on. Can I do something like that?

Where the app will be displayed after "graduation" to production? in the app gallery or under integration in Glip?

Also, how my app can be notified when the user delete the integration? Is there any event should I subscribe to?


1 reply

As far as I can tell, Glip integrations are developed by the Glip team. I've never seen an integration which is created by third party.

You can create a Glip bot instead. Glip bot is like a normal Glip user which can respond to your questions. For more information about Glip bots, please check and