Developers Website - No Create Sandbox Button

  • 29 March 2016
  • 8 replies

We have a new developer who is trying to create a new sandbox but the "CREATE" button is not available. She contacted support who sent her an email asking her to create a support ticket for the developers. She tried doing this but their site is not allowing her to create a ticket either; she gets into a continuous loop. I spoke to support and they said that it's being worked on but that there is no ETA. We need this working. I have a staff of developers, some of them tasked to work on our RC integration, and they can't do anything.

8 replies

Hello Tony,

Thank you for your patience, and please accept my apologies for the poor experience. I've reached out to our Developer Relations Engineering team to help with this issue. While they're queueing up to your request, perhaps I could be of assistance. Would you mind answering these questions for me?

Is the person logging into the Developer Portal ( ) an administrator on your RingCentral account ( )? If they're not an administrator, and you don't wish to grant that user extension the admin privileges in your RingCentral account, have you (as the RingCentral admin) tried logging into the Developer Portal to create your Sandbox account, and an application, then giving them the API Keys?

Are you in North America or UK (currently those are the only locations enabled for RingCentral Connect Platform access)?

We are in the US and yes, this developer is an admin in the system. When I log in, I have the exact same experience ...

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

BTW ... is there any sort of ETA?
Your company is: Nvision Laser Eye Care Centers of California, correct?

If that is correct, the reason you cannot create a Sandbox, is because a member of your team already has done it.

Looking forward to your response.
If that's the one created by XXXX, he no longer works here and I would love to get it removed.
That's the one, but it is good for all of the developers who are able to access Developer Portal:

Everyone who is an admin on that account should be able to view/create/modify any application. Within each application is a "Settings" page which contains the information you need to access your Sandbox account: 
So when we press the "Create App" button, we're actually using the Sandbox that Charles created?
Yes, but that Sandbox account is able to be administrated by all admin users on your account.
Here's an article I just wrote explaining some of this:

The Sandbox account is just another RingCentral account (that is empty, except for the super admin user) which you can use to develop your applications and integrations using our API against. It prevents you from damaging your production (business) RingCentral account.