Getting "SendingFail" messageStatus when posting new fax message. what is the reason ?

  • 23 November 2017
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Hi Team,

When i am simply posting Fax message from sandbox account using API explorer. its goes to messageStatus "Queued" then after some time its changed to "SendingFail".

so concern here is, how can i know what is the reason for sendingfail ? i have checked in response also for reason of failure but didnt found it.

is there any way to find out the failure reason ?


Hardik Joshi

6 replies

You can use the API Explorer to check account/~/extension/~/message-store.  There you can find the failure reason such as: "messageStatus": "SendingFailed", "faxErrorCode": "RenderingFailed"
i am getting "faxErrorCode":"Undefined" what does it mean ? what can be the cause for it 
I have no idea. I have noticed the RingCentral platform team. We will get back to you soon.
ok Thanks Tyler. let us know once you have information on it
When you see the 'SendingFail' message in the 'message-store' endpoint, you can find a detailed reason in the 'call-log' endpoint for the corresponding message. Look for the 'result' value. A list of result values is in the API Reference here:!#ResultStatusValues
Thanks John,

I don't have permission in my app for call log, but I have tested today its working fine