Glip.DevTest.RingCentral.Com Issues - why can I not sign in?

  • 6 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Last week I wasn't able to get to this page at all, this week I can get to the page but after logging in I get the following error:

Sign in failed

Sorry, something went wrong on our end and we weren't able to sign you in.

This happens on multiple machines, any browser, and on different networks, using the same sandbox credentials.


3 replies

Maybe temporarily down:

For over 2 weeks??? Trying to get to work on my app and at a standstill until I can move it to production, last week I was able to complete all of my calls except the Glip calls, now I'm back to square 1 with all of my calls because I can't sign into Glip.

So frustrating. Maybe I should reach out to my RC rep and see if they can just push me to production? You think that would work?

To anyone else who runs into this, if you have a federated account you are building the app for(2 separate RC accounts/companies that are linked together): My issue was that my main account used the same email address as my federated account, so the app would try to authenticate using my production credentials(even though I was using my sandbox credentials) which is associated to two accounts, and due to that would not let me sign into Glip. To work around this I changed both my federated account email address to an alias, and changed my sandbox extension email address to that same alias. Then I was able to sign into Glip successfully and make Glip API calls.

Thanks again for the help Phong!