Google contacts to be sync with RingCentral

  • 22 September 2016
  • 5 replies

Have the capability to sync my contacts with my RingCentral application since this feature is only available only with Outlook right now

5 replies

This is a must.
Make sure you are on the latest version of our Desktop App. then go to Settings (the small gear wheel) > Contacts.  When you move the "View Google contacts" switch to the "on" position, youi'll get a pop-up window (image on the right), which prompts you to log into the Google account. 

is there a way to sync the google contacts with the main account records so that the contact names also show up in the call logs (rather than just on the desktop app)?
Is there a way to sync my google contacts and/or mobile phone contacts with the windows desktop app?  my text messages should display the name of the person who sent it if i have them in google contacts like on my phone.  but i can't find what you describe above in the new app.  what am i missing?  thank you
Why do phone numbers marked "Business" or "Company" in Gogoel Contacts both get coded as "Other" in RingCentral Phone?