graduation requirements issue

  • 13 November 2017
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My sandbox is a little bit broken, in that I cannot make calls. RingCentral support used remote desktop to check this, accepted there was a problem, then kindly generated some fake call data for me so I can work with the api.

My 'app' is very simple and only requires the 'ReadCallLog' permission. My problem is this permission only exposes 6 endpoints. I need to hit 5 of them for my graduation, but the call data I have does not include Call Recordings. I don't actually want call recording data, but I need to hit those endpoints to get my graduation count to 5.

Because I don't have call data with recordingIds I can't hit the endpoint.

So, can someone please generate more call data so I can jump through the graduation hoops, or just allow my app to graduate anyway. It's a read only app for call logs, so totally harmless.


3 replies

Hi Thompson,

Open this link then download and install the RingCental softphone into your Windows/MacOS laptop. Follow the instructions to login in sandbox mode then you can make test call, receive calls to generate a call log.

Hope this helps,
+ Phong
Hi Phong Vu,
If there wasn't a configuration problem with my sandbox that would be the way to generate some call logs.  My sandbox is a little bit broken, in that I cannot make calls to another user. I will try again in case someone has fixed it, but I doubt they have.

Can you do a quick check and let me know what you see.

1. Login to your sandbox account

2. Click the Users tab and select the user with the phone number you were trying

3. Select the Phones & Numbers option from the right panel. Then select the Phones tab

4. Click the Edit button and read the Device, PC name and Status values

If status is "online", click the "Deauthorize this Computer" button and save the settings. Then from your softphone, logout and close your softphone (on MacOS, you have to Quit the app). Reopen the softphone then login and try again.

If the status is "offline", do the same steps as the above without the option to deauthorize your computer. Refresh the browser and let me know if the status stays as "offline" all time.

If that does not help, send me your account info and problem description to the developer support team.

+ Phong