How can I integration RingCentral with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • 23 November 2016
  • 9 replies

Need help to integrate RingCentral with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

9 replies

Hi Manisha, the integration of RingCentral with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is under development. It's likely the first version of this integration will go live in Q1 2017. Thank you.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Integration with Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2016?. I'm curious if this is in development and when we could expect a release?

Hello, is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration still on track for Q1 2017?  Will it be a CRM 2016 integration? Will it also work with the latest update that makes CRM 2016 into Dynamics CRM 365?

We have a trial build of RingCentral for MS Dynamics CRM integration ready to be tested. This is a CRM 2016 integration. If you are interested in trying it please register here: Thanks.
Is the API built for both MS Dynamics CRM 2016 online and on premise? Our CRM is on premise.
Hello, I have signed up, but do you have an eta as to when this will be available? We are deciding on a hosted telephony provider and the dynamics integration is a must have.  We are willing to wait but an idea of whats coming would be great and probably help us finalise our decision.
Can I get this as well please?
Hi Manisha,

I was actually searching for the same solution during the first quarter of the year, but only happened to stumble upon this thread just today. 

I'd like to share that I wasn't aware that there's already a trial app in the works so we went with a third party CTI a few months ago. Currently using Tenfold to integrate RingCentral with MS Dynamics and it's consistently increased our call handling efficiency, team productivity, and data accuracy. We're also pretty satisfied with its features (click to dial, automatic call log, floating UI, analytics dashboard, etc).
***FULL official integration released here!*** :