How can we configure our sandbox account to send and receive faxes?

  • 12 May 2021
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Our organization has one sandbox account (+12094974301) but we cannot receive or send faxes using this account.

Since I need to create an application that sends and receives faxes I could not use this sandbox account, so we added an additional number (+14242915868) in the service portal that can send and receive faxes.

The problem is we cannot create Apps using the new number because our sandbox account is associated with the old number and there seems to be no way to create an additional sandbox account for the new number.

How can we either configure our existing sandbox number to send and receive faxes or associate our new number with our existing sandbox account?

Thank you.

6 replies

You can user/extension under the account and assign your existing number number you want to use.

Check with the support team here and they can help you

Hi Anirban,

Thank you for your response.

Your answer is not clear to me. I'm assuming you are saying our new number is not needed?

Can you provide detailed steps of what needs to be done in our sandbox account.

Thank you.

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Why you cannot send/receive faxes from this sandbox account (+12094974301). You are one of the users (ext number 103) under the account. You just don't have a direct number. But your extension by default is set to send fax using the main company number. If you want to send/receive faxes using your own number, first you have to add a direct number to your extension, then change the Fax settings for your extension. Christopher is the super admin in your sandbox account so he should be able to add new number to your extension.

It's redundant to create an extra sandbox account and of course, you can play with that sandbox account but you cannot graduate any app under that sandbox account to your production environment.

Hi Phong,

Thanks for your response.

I am now able to send faxes from +12094974301 but not receive them. All faxes sent to +12094974301 are failing. Can I configure +12094974301 to receive faxes?

Thank you.

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It is a known issue that inbound fax to main company number is not supported on sandbox. It should work in production and the extension associated with the main company number (via receptionist IVR settings) will receive the fax. You can add a direct number to your extension and set the number for your fax setting then you will be able to send out and receive faxes from that number. Another issue (being investigated) is that sending fax on sandbox will sent only the cover page, attachments will not be delivered.

Hi Phong,

When a fax is retrieved from the RingCentral Fax API is there an option to retrieve the attachments in TIF format or are they always retrieved in PDF format?