How do I get access to pull call recordings?

  • 1 October 2015
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How do I get access to pull call recordings for my sandbox application? The API docs say I need the "ReadCallRecording" permission, but I can't give myself that permission (it isn't there).

The API call to pull recordings is part of the heavy group. But we would like to pull all our recordings so our users can listen to their calls. Any suggestions on the best way to do this so we don't hit the throttle limit? Do I just build a queue that will eventually pull all the recordings one-by-one?

1 reply

Hi Stephen,

Call-recording permissions are added to an application on Demand.  We would send you a form, kindly fill it and we would add the permission to your application. 

You can retrieve the call log for all the extensions and using the contentUri value of the call log response under recordings" you should be able to download the call recordings. 

"id": "IXPCm_tIkCduk4I",
"sessionId": "404412141008",
"startTime": "2015-06-25T14:57:30.000Z",
"duration": 60,
"type": "Voice",
"direction": "Inbound",
"action": "Phone Call",
"result": "Accepted",
"to": {
"phoneNumber": "18772160007",
"name": "Something New"
"from": {
"phoneNumber": "18882400004",
"name": "Something New"
"recording": {
"uri": "https.../restapi/v1.0/account/401190149008/recording/401547458008",
"id": "401547458008",
"type": "OnDemand",
"contentUri": "https.../restapi/v1.0/account/401190149008/recording/401547458008/content"
   "uri": "https.../restapi/v1.0/account/401190149008/extension/401190149008/call-log/IXPCm_tIkCduk4I?view=Simple", 

But if you want specific call recordings you could use our "Call Recording" API , please have a look at our documentation here :!#RefCallRecording.html

But it all depends on how frequently you would want to pull the call recordings : 

  • If you are planning to pull the call recordings in between long intervals you could use call-log API to retrieve contentUri and schedule a job to pull the recordings for all
  • If you plan to pull the call recordings  in between short intervals you should use the Active call API :!#RefExtensionActiveCalls.html ( this API call returns the recently finished call log records as well as the ongoing call records )

Please have a look at the code included in the demo.js file here :

The call recordings are returned as a blob object which should be converted to an audio/mpeg format within your application.