How do I get Handle Time from the API? Duration isn't the same as Handle time in the Analytics.

  • 19 February 2020
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I wrote a c# application that uses the RingCentral SDK to pull call logs from the RC API. I was pulling pretty much all the info that you can get from < > including Duration.

However, we recently noticed that Duration is not the same as "Handle time" that is shown in the RingCentral Analytics portal located here: < > For example, calls that go to Voice mail have a duration value... but they don't have a Handle time value.

Is there a way or method of getting the Handle time for each call via the API?

1 reply

The data from the analytics portal is the application's data captured for analytics. The app does not use nor share the call log data. Instead it implements its own timer to clock call duration and other data for analytics. The call log time is a little bit less precise as it is used mainly for tracking call history purpose. You can implement your own logic to capture better timing by using the telephony session notification and clock call duration by yourself.