How do we filter a list of phone numbers by which can send an SMS?

  • 5 June 2019
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We have integrated SMS API with Zoho CRM and have an approved app in the app store:

It works great, but we are seeing issues with certain accounts. We need to be able to filter out numbers that cannot send SMS. We used to filter for SMS Enabled type, but we were told other number can text also that have different types. This makes it very confusing as now we list all numbers even the ones can not text. As a result, customers are getting a number of error messages. We also not sure why some users can not text, they get the error:

In order to call this API endpoint for another extension, user needs to have [OutboundSMS] permission granted with extended scope

Can you point me in the right direction? Our app is getting more popular, but we need to perfect it.

1 reply

Hi Matt,

First of all, you make a call to the phone-number endpoint to read all phone numbers of an extension then check if they have SMS cap.





Some time ago I identified that the permission error was misleading and the cause was because of a user tries to send SMS using a number which does not belong to that user. However, with my new test, I always get the correct error message "

Parameter [from] value [+1650XXXXXXX] is invalid [Cannot find the phone number which belongs to user]"

Could you please double check the numbers which failed to send SMS to see if it has one of the features mentioned above?