How does my existing web-enabled app control the RC prompts directly?

  • 16 June 2020
  • 5 replies

New and suffering from how rich this is. I have an existing database application which can listen and send via a web server. It can be restful. I need to create an inbound IVR. RC is to answer a call, present the welcome and menu, then send to my app. My app will authenticate caller to the database and direct RC to ask the next question/prompt to the caller. I don't think I have to use any RC menus structures? Is this a webhook?

5 replies

It looks like you need the IVR scripting language. Please read this blog and let us know if that is similar to what you want to achieve.

Yes. I had found that article recently. I'm concerned that it is still in Alpha. Should I sign up and try it?

@Phong Vu I've sent two emails in the last two weeks to request this Alpha solution as outlined in the article. I've had no response. Can you help me with that? Thanks

Another week and no response from the PM. Anyone know of another company that offers IVR api?

I've been contacted by Dibyendu. Now for the fun... Thanks