How to enable call recording in Sandbox environment

  • 23 January 2018
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I want to retrieve call logs and call records. For that i have given permission to Read Call Logs and Read Call Recordings.

But in Sandbox Environment there is no automatic call recording,

I want to create some call recording in sandbox environment to pass the graduation test.

Could any one help me in how to achieve that?

Also i am not sure why i need to create new APP if i want to update the permission? Its very strange.

12 replies

Hi Sekar, please refer to

The sandbox account has on-demand call recording (*9 or the record button on the RingCentral app) but not automatic call recording.

You can learn more about on-demand call recording here:

If you wish to create call recordings programmatically, here is an app that will do that for you:

I am unable to login to the RingCentral Phone or RingCental mobile app using my Sandbox account. Can someone please suggest a way out - I want to create some call recordings in order to test out functionality in my app. Thanks!
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Hi Sangram,

The RingCentral mobile app does not support sandbox mode. However, you can use the RingCentral soft phone and switch the soft phone to sandbox mode before login with your sandbox credentials.

On Windows: Ctrl + F2
On Mac OS: Fn + Command + F2

+ Phong

Hi Phong, downloaded the RC soft phone and attempted some calls but they are still not recording into my sandbox app. When I try to view them on RC office or call them here: using a recording ID I get an error. Need to be able to retrieve the calls in order to graduate the app into production. Any advice?


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Could you access the recording from the soft phone? Does you have have the "ReadCallRecording" app permission?


Hi Phong,

I do have the "ReadCallRecording" permission set in my application: sn1.png

I cannot see any recordings in soft phone: sn2.png

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Which means that you don't have any call recording. Are you sure you logged in with the same user (from the app and from the soft phone)? What is your app client id?

Here is the app client id: X8cxGcV3Rqq9bRytfQIx_w

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Well, how did you record your test calls? You do not have any call recording, where did you find the recording id?


Hi Phong, provided the client id is: X8cxGcV3Rqq9bRytfQIx_w

Thank you! The info is this thread helped me out a lot! I did not know there was no automatic recording in Sandbox mode, and I did not know you can view your recordings on the soft phone! I appreciate you!