How to get errors, if SMS sending is failed in REST API using PHP

  • 18 March 2017
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Hello everyone,

I'm using PHP REST API to send SMS, but unable to send SMS. My request is successful and return SMS ID with all the details but the SMS status is 'SendingFailed', I don't know why?

There is nor error code returned in the response. Please help me to get the errors that why the SMS not sent.

My request code is as follows:

$url = "";
$response = http($url,'POST',$param,$auth_token);

The response I'm getting is :

    [uri] =>
    [id] => 2788749004
    [to] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [phoneNumber] => tonumber
    [from] => Array
            [phoneNumber] => +19164374306
            [location] => Sacramento, North, CA
    [type] => SMS
    [creationTime] => 2017-03-18T06:33:39.000Z
    [readStatus] => Read
    [priority] => Normal
    [attachments] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [id] => 2788749004
                    [uri] =>
                    [type] => Text
                    [contentType] => text/plain
    [direction] => Outbound
    [availability] => Alive
    [subject] => Test SMS using a RingCentral Developer account - this  is test msg by vishal
    [messageStatus] => SendingFailed
    [smsSendingAttemptsCount] => 1
    [conversationId] => 2.2628912365145E+18
    [conversation] => Array
            [id] => 2262891236514496402
            [uri] =>
    [lastModifiedTime] => 2017-03-18T06:33:40.041Z

3 replies

Hello Rakesh,

First, I would highly recommend using the official RingCentral PHP SDK if at all possible...why?
  • Simplifies integrations with the RingCentral API
  • Standardizes application development with RingCentral using recommended best practices
  • Open Source SDK === Lots of developers contributing and improving the source (not just you)
  • Since it is one of the official RingCentral SDKs, there are dedicated resources available to help with issues developers report in the Github Issue Tracker
Next, have you checked that the following states of the RingCentral Account/Extension/Phone Numbers can be used to for sending SMS (preferably prior to the SMS API request):
  1. The account has SMS enabled!/Account/loadServiceInfo
  2. The extension has the permission to send SMS:!/Extension/loadExtensionInfo
  3. The "fromNumber" being used in the body of the request is one of the extension's phone numbers that has the "SmsSender" feature listed for that property respectively?!/Extension/listExtensionPhoneNum...
Lastly, it is a recommended best practice to check the authenticated user's Authorization Profile permissions for specific operations prior to executing them:!/Authorization_Profile/loadUserP.... This accomplishes two very important goals:
  1. Allows your application / integration to be proactive about an operation which a user or system is attempting to perform
  2. Improves the user experience by informing a user or service worker of the state which is preventing the desired action (handling more than just the "happy path" of an application's operation)
Full information about these resources is also available in the RingCentral API Reference:

Hi Rakesh,

Could you please open a support ticket with the developer support team and we could take a look at it.

Just for reference, it's always good and suggested approach to use RingCentral official SDK. Ring central has different SDK for java, php, javascript etc ...


Using the official SDK is always better and remove complexity and issues with authentication and has good issue tracking system