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  • 26 May 2021
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We are performing oauth against a sandbox app. The generated url is Which is normal. As of just recently, that is now 302'ing us to ` ` Which is complaining about sandbox accounts not being supported. Is there a path forward? This is new. It was working just a couple days ago and we were not being 302'd


I tried to perform oauth against a sandbox app. The url generated was ` ...............` as usual but that URL is now 302'ing me to ` `. And logging in there tells me that sandbox accounts aren't supported.

The 302 is new. It never did that before for us. Is there a path forward?

7 replies

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I am not sure about why it took you to

What are other parameters you used with that endpoint? Your app authentication is 3-legged OAuth, right?

When it is time to perform oauth we generate the following URL (formatted for convienence)







That has always just let us login straight to But is now returning a 302 with the Location header

Does that provide you with the information you needed? I am not 100% sure about the 3 legged oauth. We have been doing this for quite some time successfully and haven't changed anything on our end.

In addition, when logged into the developer portal, Sandbox Environment Online Account Portal Link here


Is landing us here


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Can you clear your browser cookies and retry? And hold on on the OAuth, it seems there is a temporary issue and I asked the team to investigate it.

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Just got a notification from the eng team. The issue is fixed. Can you try again and let me know if you still face that problem.

It is working as expected now. Thank you very much. We appreciate it.

Hi, we are encountering the same issue as @Ben Ashby . We have been using "" for testing for a long time, and it's been working okay until recently. Now it always redirects us to ""

Are there any changes happening or is it currently under maintenance?