I am having an error message for WebPhone WebRTC foro making voice call on browser : "sip.parser | error parsing header "From"

  • 10 August 2018
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Authorized Flow

index.js:67 The redirect uri value : http://localhost:8080/demo/callback.html

index.js:110 Extension info Object

sip-0.10.0.js:807 Fri Aug 10 2018 20:18:31 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) | sip.transport | unable to send message, WebSocket is not open

LoggerFactory.print @ sip-0.10.0.js:807

index.js:154 UA Connected

index.js:222 EVENT: Accepted OutgoingRequest

index.js:223 To undefined 'This is the US number I am dailing to'

index.js:224 From undefined 'This is the number I am logging succssfully'*

sip-0.10.0.js:9135 [Deprecation] The rtcpMuxPolicy option is being considered for removal and may be removed no earlier than M62, around October 2017. If you depend on it, please see for more details.

initPeerConnection @ sip-0.10.0.js:9135

index.js:330 Event: Progress

sip-0.10.0.js:807 Fri Aug 10 2018 20:18:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) | sip.sipmessage | error parsing "From" header field with value "<>;tag=t6r7n21nev"

LoggerFactory.print @ sip-0.10.0.js:807

sip-0.10.0.js:807 Fri Aug 10 2018 20:18:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) | sip.parser | error parsing header "From"

LoggerFactory.print @ sip-0.10.0.js:807

index.js:158 UA RegistrationFailed

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