I am using the Call Log APIs and I want to deploy them on a server. Is there a way to create a refresh token without redirecting to a specific URL?

  • 24 April 2024
  • 1 reply

When I log in through the Call Log APIs, I am redirected to the URL that I provided in the app during the API setup.

I need to retrieve the call log, then fetch the recordings for the calls, and finally download them from the ContentURI.

Is it possible to authenticate without being redirected to that URL?

Please help me with this issue. Thanks.

1 reply

I don't know you app needs to serve multiple users or if it serves only one account and one user. If it is for just one user, then use the JWT token flow instead of the code flow auth. In that case, generate a JWT token (with or w/o refresh token), save the JWT token in your server and use it to get access token and call the APIs.