I love everything about RingCentral - except the desktop app. Please keep the SoftPhone or fix the desktop app.

  • 24 August 2020
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I started using RingCentral two years ago when working for another business and love it. The Mobile App is great and the SoftPhone is perfect. When I started my business, I knew I would use RingCentral.

Some background. When I started at my last company, I was told I could use whatever app I wanted. I downloaded the Desktop app and started using it. It was ok but I really couldn't figure out why everyone in the company loved it so much. Eventually I asked the question and discovered everyone was using the "old" RC Phone (softphone) app. I switched and realized why they all love it so much.

Now, I just started my business and downloaded the RC Phone app but was having problems with it dropping calls. I decided to download the Desktop app to see if it was any better, hoping I could just switch over to the new app. No luck. It is worse. I tried to use it for half a day and shut it down because I disliked it that much. I would rather spend the time trying to fix the call dropping that work with that.

I understand trying to increase functionality and with functionality comes complexity. I am fine with that. But, everyone I know uses RingCentral for calls and texting and likes the address book and calendar integration. That is the basic functionality. I don't want a phone app that takes up my whole desktop - I need that space for other things 99% of the time. Why not just allow the pop-out dialer in the Desktop app to control the phone and text and stay open and on top in the desktop while the main app window is minimized. Basically, turn the pop-out into the SoftPhone and let me minimize all the rest.

Please, please, please don't retire the softphone app until the desktop app is functional for the basics.

1 reply

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Thanks for your feedback, Eric. We'll make sure to share this with the Product Team.