Inbound/Outbound faxes queueing

  • 9 December 2019
  • 2 replies

1 - Outbound faxes :

Does the API queue outbound faxes coming from the same FROM fax number ?

That is, if I send two faxes using the same FROM fax number to two different external fax numbers, will they interfere with each other ?

2 - Inbound faxes :

If there are two incoming faxes at the some time to the same fax number, will they interfere with each other. Is it the same as with a real fax machine - one of the incoming faxes will get a busy signal ?

2 replies

1. Outbound faxes will be queued. Each fax message will be sent based on the parameters you specified for that fax. So no interference. All you need to take care when sending multiple fax messages sequentially if not to exceed the API rate limit.

2. Correct, while the system is receiving an incoming fax, the line is busy.

1. Is that true even if sending more than one fax to the same external fax number (at the same time) from different FROM fax numbers ?