incoming fax shows partial receive status and faxing is very slow

  • 30 August 2018
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I am using the C sharp client sdk to send faxes through the production environment. Everything seems to be working as it should, except when I examine the call logs the incoming fax shows the Result as "Partial Receive". It never changes the Result message, but eventually the fax is received and I am able to view it and it is complete. Why is the result message never updated?

I am sending using the C# client sdk through my Ring Central account to a fax number I created in my RC account. I would think this would go much smoother where both numbers are in my own RC account. The email method seems to be much faster, but I was having problems with relays banning me as spam.

Since the material (medical info) is time sensitive I need to know if the API method is reliable and what I should expect for transmission times?


3 replies

I can recommend you to contact RingCentral customer support. The problem is most likely unrelated to the API.
Hi Alan,

The SDK is unlikely to cause fax to be slow.  Could you please try RingCentral desktop app? Is fax also slow there?

As Anton suggested, please contact customer support because this doesn't seem to be a programming issue.

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